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Transforming properties for sale or rent, to maximise your profit.
Improving your ROI from the Home Counties to the Three Counties and beyond

Chestnut Stage To Sell
  • Why Stage?

    You should Stage because…

    • Buyers will struggle to connect emotionally with an empty home
    • Empty rooms appear smaller than they are – as the brain judges the size of things in relation to other things, if there’s nothing relatable in the room to go on except edges and corners then the brain will judge the room to be smaller than it really is
    • Buyers will judge quickly and leave quickly as there’s less to keep them there, you want them to stay as long as you can
    • If you don’t give viewers a focus point, they will find their own, usually a fault
    • An empty room has nowhere to hide, buyers can scrutinise every single aspect of the home
    • Staging will optimise furniture placement and define the purpose of the room
    • Eliminate distractions in empty rooms and create an experience for your buyers
    • Empty homes will create a disconnect
  • Why Hire Crystal Property Staging?

    Do you want your property investment to stand out, to sell faster for more money?

    • Our show home furniture rental service will give your property a high-quality look and feel, without any of the costs of buying, installing and storing furniture yourself
    • Crystal Property Staging will help you save capital for your next investment
    • Our show-home furniture packs for hire are modern, stylish, durable and bespoke for your ideal target buyer profile & suitable for any type of property
    • Furniture rental with flexible contract terms. You can even give your buyers the option to purchase the property fully furnished

Our Services

Our Services Include:

  • Room planning and design layout
  • Delivery and installation within a matter of days, ensuring that your property is on the market in the shortest time possible
  • Everything you need to market your property, including furniture, rugs, lamps, artwork and all those gorgeous accessories
  • Our highly-experienced staging team will complete the full staging of the property to the highest standards in just 48 hours

As Featured On
"The Luxury Home Show"!

This 5-bed new build development of 2 luxury detached houses was staged by us and then showcased on The Luxury Home Show